Charlotte’s Web

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E.B. 怀特经典儿童文学《夏洛的网》60周年纪念版。

Now available for the first time as an ebook! Illustrations in this ebook appear in vibrant full color on a full-color device and in rich black-and-white on all other devices.This beloved book by E.B.White, author of Stuart Little and The Trumpet of the Swan, is a classic of children literature that is "just about perfect".

Some Pig. Humble. Radiant. These are the words in Charlotte's web, high up in Zuckerman's barn. Charlotte's spiderweb tells of her feelings for a little pig named Wilbur, who simply wants a friend. They also express the love of a girl named Fern, who saved Wilbur's life when he was born the runt of his litter. E. B. White's Newbery Honor Book is a tender novel of friendship, family, and adventure that will continue to be enjoyed by generations to come. It contains beautiful, classic illustrations by Garth Williams, the acclaimed illustrator of E.B.White's Stuart Little and Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House series, among many other books. Correlates to the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts.

作者:E. B. WHITE

E. B. WHITE was born in Mount Vernon, New York, and graduated from Cornell University in 1921. He was awarded the Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal in 1970 for both CHARLOTTE’S WEB, a Newbery Honor Book, and STUART LITTLE, and was commended for making “a substantial and lasting contribution to literature for children.” He is also the author of THE TRUMPET OF THE SWAN. Mr. White, who also authored over seventeen books of prose and poetry, was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1973.

During his lifetime, many young readers asked Mr. White if his stories were true. In a letter written to one of his fans, he answered, “No, they are imaginary tales ... but real life is only one kind of life—there is also the life of the imagination.”

GARTH WILLIAMS illustrated almost 100 books for children, including the beloved STUART LITTLE, also by E. B. White, BEDTIME FOR FRANCES by Russell Hoban, and the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

ROSEMARY WELLS, author and illustrator of almost eighty books, considers Garth Williams one of the true geniuses of twentieth-century book illustration and feels that had he had today’s technology available, he would have chosen to do the illustrations for CHARLOTTE’S WEB in full color. Applying a very simple palette befitting the story’s setting, Ms. Wells hopes her results would have pleased Garth Williams.

  1. I.Before Breakfast
  2. II.Wilbur
  3. III.Escape
  4. IV.Loneliness
  5. V.Charlotte
  6. VI.Summer Days
  7. VII.Bad News
  8. VIII.A Talk at Home
  9. IX.Wilbur’s Boast
  10. X.An Explosion
  11. XI.The Miracle
  12. XII.A Meeting
  13. XIII.Good Progress
  14. XIV.Dr. Dorian
  15. XV.The Crickets
  16. XVI.Off to the Fair
  17. XVII.Uncle
  18. XVIII.The Cool of the Evening
  19. XIX.The Egg Sac
  20. XX.The Hour of Triumph
  21. XXI.Last Day
  22. XXII.A Warm Wind
  23. Excerpt from Stuart Little
  24. I. In the Drain
  25. Excerpt from The Trumpet of the Swan
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作者E. B. WhiteGarth WilliamsRosemary Wells

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