The Moon and Sixpence(月亮和六便士)

The Moon and Sixpence(月亮和六便士)



Charles Strickland, a conventional stockbroker, abandons his wife and children for Paris and Tahiti, to live his life as a painter. Whilst his betrayal of family, duty and honour gives him the freedom to achieve greatness, his decision leads to an obsession which carries severe implications. Inspired by the life of Paul Gauguin, The Moon and Sixpence is at once a satiric caricature of Edwardian conventions and a vivid portrayal of the mentality of a genius.

This is a public domain book converted by anonymous volunteers and you may find it for free on the web.This work is respectfully inscribed by the author.


威廉·萨默赛特·毛姆(William Somerset Maugham,1874-1965),英国著名小说家和戏剧家。他是一个说故事的大师,叙述故事引人人胜。他写了不少貌似离奇的故事。代表作:《月亮与六便士》、《人性的枷锁》、《寻欢作乐》、《刀锋》等。




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